The Galley Way: An Emergency in Slow Motion

An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner life of Diane Arbus by, William Todd Schutlz

A few years back I Saw the film Fur starring Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. (and dorky dad from Modern Family!)- a sort of dramatized imaging of how Diane Arbus came to be the photographer we know her as. After viewing this film I was of course with left with more questions about Ms. Arbus- how did she *really* come to be a photographer of such bizarre and provoking photos? So you can imagine my excitement when I came across Mr. Schultz’s new “psychobiography”.

The book doesn’t fail to deliver a full picture of the late author; and reader beware Diane Arbus’ life makes for as eerie reading as her photos. Even though this book is just a slim 216 page volume it packs a hefty punch as you are treated to the inner workings of Arbus’ mind.

It isn’t so much that Arubs was mean or cruel, but instead, distinctively sad and out of step with the world and even herself. If there is any fault with the book it might be with Schultz’s sometimes circular method of explanation and frequent repeating of several key phrases and quotes- although perhaps this is useful in keeping up with some of the denser psychological theories

Note: This book was a Goodreads First Read.

Goodreads rating: ***


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