The Galley Way: Six Weeks To Yehida

Six Weeks to Yehida by, Melissa Studdard

This is a review that I’ve actually been putting off writing, because for all of the earnest and lovely writing from Melissa Studdard evidenced in her debut novel, Six Weeks to Yehidah, I’m afraid I actually have to be a bit hard on her.The main crux of the challenge of this book is that yet again we have a Children’s book that, while it contains some lovely language and imagery, strives too hard to be profound and eloquent- even to the point that the language is way over the head of your average child. (see my review of The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant)The book more seems to be a Children’s book written solely for adults, and if that is what it is that is fine. Melissa Studdard obviously has a vivid imagination and does create scenarios that would be humorous to the adult reader; but sadly she isn’t able to harness this vivid imagery into one cohesive message.Overall there is a certain lack of direction to this story- Annalise is constantly learning lessons, but to what end? Ms. Studdard would have probably better off focusing on one moral, one lesson, one kernel of wisdom than the hodgepodge and vastness found in Six Weeks to Yehida.

Ultimately, for all the references to other Children’s classics like The Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the book is more reminiscent of that dream you had after a crazy night out- perhaps not the exactly the typical fodder for the under 18 crowd.

Note: This book is a Goodreads First Read.
Goodreads rating: **

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