The Galley Way: The Mystery of the Missing Everything

The Mystery of the Missing Everything by, Ben H. Winters

I was very happy to have received this book. To be honest I was most drawn to it because of the cover illustration by the great Brett Helquist, but the book didn’t disappoint.

In it we are treated to a mystery of a stolen gymnastics trophy, and our main character- Bethesda- is determined to solve it. Winters does a great job with Bethesda- she is eminently capable and confident without being annoyingly precocious or conceited. Also the novel is full of fun pop culture references, especially to do with music.

I must warn that this book is actually a sequel to Winters other book: The Secret Life of Mrs. Finkleman. But if you are like me and haven’t read that book you can still enjoy The Mystery of the Missing Everything, and if anything it will spark an interest for the previous novel (I’ve since added The Secret Life of Mrs. Finkleman to my “To-Read” list, actually).

This is definitely an nice book for middle graders that is fun and not to mature while still being on the level of 6th -8th grader.

Note: This book was a Goodreads First Read.

Goodreads rating:****


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