The Galley Way: The Radleys

The Radleys by, Matt Haig

Twilight eat your heart out : )

In this immensely satisfying read Matt Haig presents us with the Radleys- a typical middle class English family that just happens to want to drink your blood. But like good Britons they are fighting against their baser instincts and leading an upstanding existence in a quaint country town. Having recently read Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach the portrait of the, yet again, typically repressed Brits was especially on point.

But more than poking fun at the English stiff upper lip it was nice to see a vamipre story with some actual blood in it’s veins- one that gets down to the nitty gritty of what it would mean to actually be a vampire with out romanticizing it *too* much.

Ultimately, The Radleys was able to take this well-worn genre and have an entirely fresh take on it. It calls to mind something like what The Sopranos did for Mafia films or even a touch of Shawn of the Dead.

So of course the next question is: sequel Mr. Haig?

Note: This book was a Goodreads First Read.

Goodreads rating: ***


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