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Coming to a Bookstore Near You…

Okay Guys!

I’m wading into the whole Gatsby Movie Tie-In Edition Debate. A lot of people are none too happy about everyone’s favorite book when they were a High School sophomore getting star-spangled movie tie-in cover- as evidenced by this New York Times article. I hate to disagree with any booksellers (because I ❤ booksellers & they are doing what I deem to be God’s work), but I have to call B.S. on this supposed outrage. Because, c’mon (!) whenever a book gets made into a movie the publisher *has* to make a tie-in cover.

For Schindler’s List they even had to change the name of the book:


Also more recently, another Spielberg movie that you might have heard of, caused the same thing…


“Ah, but that book wasn’t really a ‘classic’ so it’s not the same” you tell me.


Okay, so is Les Miserables enough of a classic?

But you could make the argument that this is actually an OK cover- very affecting little girl with piercing blue eyes, and all…


…So how about this cover of National Book Award winning, Sophie’s Choice, that makes the book look like it’s a 99 cent romance novel?

But you make a good point that this is from, like, a long time ago when book covers were pretty lame…


Okay, so how about this version of Little Women from the ’90s- which is not as terrible- but does manage to make it look like Winona Ryder wrote the book?

You’re still not impressed?

Alright, the ’90s WERE a long time ago as well. Plus you tell me: “Little Women isn’t very *literary*. The reason the tie-in cover is so insulting is because The Great Gatsby is a literary marvel!”


To which I say: “Have you seen the cover of a little book called Cloud Atlas (that I believe is fairly marvelous) that was turned into a movie quite recently? I can’t help but feel it is waaaaay worse than this:


Which, granted, isn’t that great and  I’m not going to buy it anytime soon. But it’s no worse than we’ve seen before. PLUS, if some people that otherwise wouldn’t have bought the book see it and buy it because Carey Mulligan is so pretty or whatever… that’s cool with me.

Conclusion: Is this a GREAT book cover? Hell no. Is it a great movie tie-in cover? Probably not (I’m not even sure that there is such a thing with the exception of The Lord of the Rings). But is it an unprecedented insult to the memory of F. Scott Fitzgerald? I think not.king

For your viewing pleasure, and the one movie tie-in I’ll admit to purchasing

All covers were pulled from Goodreads (thx, GR)


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