Flavor of the Month

So the goal for this year is pretty simple: Each month read up to 4 books of a certain “theme”- somewhat reminiscent of college survey courses (but only if you dropped out of school 1/3 of the way thought the semester).

This all came about because my brilliant friend, Sharon, has challenged herself to read about 50 books recommended by her friends, and compiled a pretty amazing list. Looking at it I decided I would definitely try to read some of those books later in the year- and then that idea morphed into making reading books of her list a theme for one of the months this year.

But the main purpose for this challenge stems from the fact that since I have left college I’ve had the joy of being able to read whatever I wanted, but recently I realized that I’ve allowed myself to get into a bit of a reading rut: reading either whatever was at hand, or always reading the same type of book. So this project will serves as some good ole’ American self-improvement with a library card ala Ben Franklin, or Jay Gatz, or Will Hunting- but there will be nothing so crazy as reading huge tomes devoted to finance or physics. Themes will be made up of great books that I’ve over-looked, or just fun themes, such as the one for January. I should also say that I will be posting my impressions and opinions of each book I read, but these probably won’t your typical comprehensive “reviews”.

2012 Challenge

January: New York City

February: In Translation

March: Newberys

April: YA Books

May: Classics

June: Historical Fiction

July: Pulitzers

August: California

September: London

October: Non-Fiction

November: Sharon’s List

December: Best of 2012


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