The Galley Way

It is a very poorly kept secret, that while being an avid reader, I am also a relentless cheapskate. So it is to my eternal joy that I have somehow amassed more books than I really have storage for without having to actually buy them. Most of these are galleys from my job and internships, but many of these books  (often galleys or Advanced Reader Copies) have been bestowed upon me by the publishers via Goodreads First Reads, and Shelf Awareness. In return for  their kindness in supporting what is becoming a disturbing addiction to books I pledge to share my thoughts and impressions here.

The Kissing List: 7/1/12

The Red Book: 7/1/12

Restoration: 4/30/12

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street: 3/25/12

Other Waters 3/19/12

The Power of Habit: 3/15/12

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: 3/12/12

Shards: 2/13/12

Shadow and Bone: 2/8/12

Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: 12/31/11

The Mystery of the Missing Everything: 12/24/11

The Julian Game: 11/13/11

The Very Thought of You: 11/7/11

Six Weeks to Yehida: 10/20/11

An Emergency in Slow Motion: 9/28/11

The Radleys: 9/19/11

The Masterwork of a Painting Elephant: 9/4/11

Just My Type: 7/16/11


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